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the moon and the hermit

Preliminary cover illustration for Horror at Gull House,1973

Preliminary cover illustration for Horror at Gull House,1973


Evening dress by Charles James, 1952 (via)

Evening dress by Charles James, 1952 (via)

Mint Green [1/4]

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Paris in black and white

Death threats drive Anita Sarkeesian from her home 

I think I’m just tired of people telling me what I should think, what I should act like, what I should believe in, what ideology I should adopt, who I should worship. It’s the same thing, over and over again. What’s labelled as progress is simply masked as another cycle of insidious oppression resurfacing. You could literally sit there for hours and deconstruct why an artist’s video is satire and force me to applaud their critique and brilliance, and I could still disagree. They do what they do, I do what I do. Feminism is an umbrella term for an enormous ideological system in which individuals will continuously argue and debate over its “proper” form. 

What feminists must understand is that we’ll disagree (and agree) over a plethora of topics. We’ll find that our understandings of feminism will change over time, and our identification with feminism, as well. It’s quite simple to be passive aggressive over others who differ in their ideological viewpoints. It’s a lot harder to sit down, discuss, and critique together. 

What we, as people, need to recognize is that there are a lot of self-serving feminists out there who will try to exploit you and your will in the name of “feminism” and will be quick to demean you and your views. You need to learn to recognize this harmful behaviour and distance yourself from these types of people. They exist in all ideological movements. Just because you disagree with their point of view, doesn’t make yours or theirs necessarily wrong. Ideologies are a lot more complicated than right or wrong.

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